Enhancing the effectiveness of the campaign against international terrorism with specific reference to the Asia Pacific region

This study group is no longer active.


CSCAP Malaysia, CSCAP New Zealand and CSCAP Thailand

The study group held its first meeting in Bangkok on 26-27 April 2005, which covered three major issues:

  1. the factors driving the al-Qaeda movement; 
  2. the factors that induce local terrorist groups to cooperate with international terrorist networks; and 
  3. the factors that induce foreign support for local terrorist groups. This was with the intention of exploring the root causes of terrorism and the linkage between international terrorism and local terrorist groups.

It was the intention to hold a one off meeting of this group and to publish the papers presented. But in the final session member CSCAPs decided to hold at least one further meeting. It was felt that more work needed to be done and to undertake further work on root causes would be a useful contribution to wider discussions being undertaken in other contexts.

A second meeting of this study group was held in Kuala Lumpur on 9-10 August 2005. 

The outcome of this study group was Memorandum No. 10 on Enhancing Efforts to Address the Factors Driving International Terrorism.