The ideas and suggestions expressed by individuals from CSCAP member committees throughout the region at study group meetings are often published and circulated to regional decision and policy makers; particularly in the ARF, to provide a stimulus for further consideration and possible implementation. Sometimes these opinions and views are synthesized into CSCAP Memoranda which are also given wide regional distribution.


The views expressed and conclusions drawn in these publications are solely those of the writers. They do not necessarily represent the views of their own government's policies or any other organisation with which the writer may be affiliated.


The CSCAP regional security outlook

The CSCAP regional security outlook (CRSO) is an annual publication to highlight regional security concerns and to promote informed policy-relevant outputs to advance regional security cooperation at official (Track One) levels.



CSCAP Memoranda are the outcome of the work of study groups approved by the steering committee and submitted for consideration at Track One levels.


General conference reports

The biannual CSCAP General Conference is designed to be an international forum where high ranking officials and security experts from the Asia Pacific region meet every two years to discuss security issues of relevance and to seek new ideas in response to evolving developments in the Asia Pacific security. The forum is usually attended by approximately 250 participants that makes it one of the largest gatherings of its kind.


Related research: papers, chapters and monographs

A list of various papers presented at study group meetings and workshops.