Establishment of regional transnational organised crime hubs in the Asia Pacific

The work of this Study Group has been completed.


Aus CSCAP, CSCAP New Zealand, CSCAP Philippines and CSCAP Thailand.


This Study Group proposes to identify criteria that would assist in predictive modelling of emerging crime hubs in the Asia Pacific Region in order to identify strategies and opportunities to counteract such threats to regional security.

There is no doubt that national governments and international agencies are highly active in attempting to combat international crime, terrorism and money laundering. The United Nations Office of Drug Control and Crime in Vienna, and the OECD's Financial Action Task Force against Money Laundering, are among the leaders, and there are now many examples of regional agreements to combat transnational crime.

Specific agenda

The specific agenda of this Study Group will be to:


Development of a monitoring tool, combining available statistical evidence with local knowledge and expertise on transnational crime, money laundering and terrorism in the region, that would enable:


This Study Group has held the following meetings.

3rd Meeting: 20-21 May, Chonburi, Thailand
Download the Co-Chairs Project Outcome Report.

2nd Meeting: 9-12 October 2009, Phuket, Thailand.
Download the Co-Chairs report.

1st Meeting: 1-2 May, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand.