Study groups

CSCAP's Study Groups and Experts Groups are the primary mechanism for CSCAP activity. These groups serve as a region-wide multilateral fora for consensus-building and problem solving and often address specific issues and problems that are too sensitive for official dialogue.


Study Groups generally meet twice per year and produce policy oriented reports of each meeting. At the completion of their term the Study Groups produce a Memorandum that outlines practical policy-oriented responses for consideration at the Track One (official) level.


Through these Study Groups CSCAP's research and analyses support and complement the efforts of regional governments and official multilateral dialogue mechanisms, such as the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), which routinely brings together senior foreign ministry and defence officials from throughout the Asia-Pacific to discuss regional security issues and concerns.


On-going Study Groups and Sub Groups:


Developing Cyber Norms of Behaviour and Confidence Building Measures for Asia-Pacific


Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation  


Rules-Based Order? Strengthening consensus on the rules and principles underpinning international order