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COVID-19 Perspectives from Asia and beyond


What are the consequences of COVID-19 for this region’s strategic and foreign policy environment? What will be the impact of the crisis on United States-China rivalry? What is the future of globalisation and regional institutions? Is liberal-democratic governance under challenge from authoritarian approaches? 

With the CSCAP not currently able to meet in the normal fashion, AusCSCAP, through phone and email exchange, has used the network to construct a virtual seminar with regional specialists. Some of our contributors see the crisis as a strategic game-changer, others emphasise the acceleration of existing trends, particularly in regard to US-China relations. From one perspective, international cooperation is in tatters - as the language of ‘sovereignty’ and ‘self sufficiency' is amplified. From another, the virus demonstrates the impossibility of resisting greater global integration. 

Regional institutions do not fare well in this commentary – for some this is a cause for pessimism; others think COVID-19 may be the wake-up call they have needed.AusCSCAP with

Asialink, is publishing these observations as a series of articles here: