Multilateral security governance in Northeast Asia/North Pacific


CSCAP Japan, CSCAP Korea and CSCAP-China.


This Study Group proposes to address multilateral security governance in Northeast Asia/North Pacific. It will argue thatmutually coordinated institutional linkages, whether bilateral, multilateral, regional or globalwould generate a synergistic effect on regional stability and iscritical for developing a security multilateralism, rather than establishing a single multilateral institution.

A serious concern for Northeast Asian regional security order is not the lack of multilateral security institutions, but the lack of coordination and linkage between existing institutions. There already exist many useful institutions covering Northeast Asia -bilateral, sub-regional, regional and global - that could contribute to regional peace and stability if they were interlinked and integrated in an appropriate way. The Six Party Talks provide an excellent laboratory to discuss the possibility of creating a multilateral security framework in the region. The success of the Six Party Talks depends to a large extent on whether various institutionscan successfully be linked and coordinatedwith each other, and then amalgamatedinto de facto multilateralism.

Specific agenda

The specific agenda of this Study Group will be to address:

Institutional building and institutional coordination under the umbrella of the Six Party Talks; and Multilateral security governance in Northeast Asia


The outcome of the Study Group will be a short mid-term report and the possibility of publishing a book at the end of the project.


This Study Group has held the following meetings.

3rd Meeting: 14 November 2011, Vladivostok, Russia.
Download the Co-Chair's report.

2nd Meeting: 2-3 May 2011, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Download the Co-Chair's report.

1st Meeting: 24-25 February 2009 in Tokyo, Japan.
Download the Co-Chair's report.

Read the study group's brief research proposal submitted to the Steering Committee at the meeting on 22 January 2009.