Energy security


CSCAP India and CSCAP Singapore.


The SouthAsian and East Asian economies' growing demand for energyresources, principally oil, is focusing greater attention on the economic, political and security concerns over assuring a continuous and adequate supply of energy to these economies at reasonable prices. The unprecedented growth in oil consumption is making the oil market more competitive, resulting in a shift in economic interests, political alignments, and regional security strategies.

Specific agenda

This Study Group considered how increasing demand for oil in South Asia and East Asia is changing the regional economics of energy supply and demand, how it is renewing the search for alternative sources and more efficcient uses of energy, and how Asia Pacific political alignments and regional security strategies are shifting as a result. 


A monograph of its work is scheduled for completion in late 2008.


This Study Group has held the following meetings.

4th Meeting: 8-9 July 2008, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Download the Chairmens report. 

3rd Meeting: 25-26 March 2008, Beijing, China. Download the Chairmens report.

2nd Meeting: 14-15 September 2007, Goa, India. Download the Chairmens report.

1st Meeting: 23-24 April 2007, Singapore. Download the Chairmens report.