Export Controls Experts Group (XCXG)




In 2005, the WMD Study Group formed an Export Controls Experts Group (XCXG) to assess national export control programs, identify vulnerabilities and shortcomings, and develop recommendations for improving both individual export control capacity and mutual cooperation.

Increasing energy demand in the Asia Pacific region, combined with the perceived need for energy security or self-sufficiency, has led many countries to develop or to at least contemplate the use of nuclear energy.

Previously US CSCAP also created a Nuclear Energy Experts Group (NEEG) to promote nuclear energy transparency, in part through the creation of an Asia Pacific Nuclear Energy Transparency web site www.cscap.nuctrans.org.

Specific agenda

This Experts Group analyses current efforts and practices of national-level export controls of nuclear energy, and explores additional ways to promote and enhance nuclear energy transparency. The work of this Experts Group is very much congruent with and complementary to its parent group, the CSCAP Study Group on Countering the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.


This Experts Group has held the following meetings.

6th Meeeting: 23-24 October 2012, Manila, Philippines
Download the Chairman's report.

5th Meeting: 9-10 December 2009, Hanoi, Vietnam
Download the Chairman's report.

4th Meeting: 25-26 August 2008, Manila, Philippines.
Download the Chairman's report.

3rd Meeting: 9-10 February 2007, Tokyo, Japan.
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2nd Meeting: 11-12 May 2006, Beijing, China.
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1st Meeting: 7-8 November 2005
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