Human trafficking

This study group is no longer active.


Aus CSCAP, CSCAP Philippines and CSCAP Thailand.


Background: Human trafficking is a category of transnational criminal activity that is of growing concern throughout the Asia Pacific. Despite the lack of reliable statistics, many nations and organisations in the region are developing laws, policies and strategies to address the human trafficking problem, as well as to provide support, return, and rehabilitation for trafficking victims. Despite these efforts, governments are having only limited success in controlling the growing and lucrative trade in human beings. The associated exploitation and treatment of trafficked persons generates significant social, safety, and health concerns across the Asia Pacific region. The trade in human beings covers a range of socio-economic issues, including exploitatitive sexual and labour relations, and involves the major crimes condemned in almost every society. The central importance of organized transnational crime in the process of human trafficking needs to be emphasized.

Specific agenda

The study group was formed in early 2005 to focus on the policy, legal, and operational challenges associated with reducing the incidence of human trafficking in the Asia Pacific region.


The meetings focused around the following objectives:

The study group concluded its term in late 2006 and produced Memorandum No.11.


(Note: The following meeting reports were produced by CSCAP New Zealand participants in this study group).

3rd Meeting: 8-9 July 2006, Manila, The Philippines
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2nd Meeting: 28-29 August 2005, Bangkok, Thailand.
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1st Meeting: 1-3 April 2005, Pasig City, The Philippines
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